What do these 3 tapes have in common?

They consist of some of the most bizarre music you're likely to ever hear-certainly not on the radio!

Produced & conceived by Mark Ferraro

Quotes from the Woodstock Times by Dakota Lane-

CORN OFF THE COB: "The whole tape has a surreal feel, taking classic, standard tunes and shooting them up with blasts of electricity" "If your feet long for the bygone era while your heart beats happily with the new music, there's a new recording out with your name on it."

TWANG: "Skeleton Mint is full of mysteries. First, how do you categorize existential angst played against retro youthful past-times like surfing, carnival-going and baseball? Is it Junk, the timely mating of jazz and punk, or is it Meat, as in Beatnik values meeting modern sesibilities?"
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NOBODY FAMOUS: "BUSTER, provides a nutty, sweet, way-out mix of classic tunes and postmodern rock. Buster Ferraro, Mark's father, soared with his trumpet which he blew in back-up bands with Sinatra & Bob Hope. You can hear nods to Chet Baker, a stray echo of a Doors' chord change, some sort of obcscure '70s latin thing, maybe Malo, and then, whoops, a sudden gust from Bitches' Brew. Then there's tinkling cocktail music jabbed by daggers of death rock and all the while some sort of unbroken line of woozy, lush horns and Mark's drums."

The 3 tapes are currently only available on audiophile cassette for $10pp. Get all 3 for $25. CDs will be available next year. Send check or money order to Michael Bitterman, 29 Paradise Way, Saugerties, NY 12477.