The Sullivan years on Broadway

What was sunday nights without Ed Sullivan? The most eclectic variety show ever to grace television.

Most of you are familiar with the CD sets Sony Broadway released featuring songs & performances of the "Broadway stuff" from Ed's shows. These were audios only though. Disney released volume 1 of actual video performances from the show as well. Besides the TONY broadcasts, the Sullivan shows are the only way one can SEE Broadway perfromances on TV from the golden age. There are about 20 hours worth of just the Broadway stuff from Ed's shows. I will now document some of these great "lost" performances. Hopefully Disney, or someone else, will release them soon for all to enjoy.

MY FAIR LADY -from the years 1956-1961 we can see Julie Andrews performing I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT, SHOW ME and WOULDN'T IT BE LOVERLY. Stanly Holloway and the boys doing WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK. John Michael King singing ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE.

WEST SIDE STORY-1958-the complete Balcony scene (amazing) with Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence-the entire TONIGHT number. Also, from the second cast, the COOL number.

OLIVER-1964-the show that welcomed THE BEATLES to America. Clive Revill, the orphans, and a young Davy Jones (from the MONKEES) as the Artful dodger perform I'll DO ANYTHING followed by Georgia Brown performing AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME. May I remind you that this is performed with the original costumes and full set and cast.

WILDCAT-Lucille Ball and Paula Steward perform the scene with all dialog that leads up to the HEY,LOOK ME OVER song and perform it completely (including Lucy losing the last note.)

The 1966 revival cast of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN with Ethel Merman singing I'VE GOT THE SUN IN THE MORNING-full sets & costumes.

Gwen Verdon from 1967 performing from SWEET CHARITY -the complete scene and song IF THEY COULD SEE ME NOW-just as performed on stage.

Joel Grey from 1968 and the GEORGE M cast performing 3 complete songs.

15 minutes worth of A PARTY WITH COMDEN & GREEN-the original show from 1959.

Yul Brynner from 1951 performing A PUZZLEMENT from THE KING & I

The TURKEY LURKEY TIME number from PROMISES,PROMISES with the original Michael Bennett choreography.

The biggest thrill from the Sullivan shows were when Ed presented complete scenes and songs from the current Broadway season. Certainly the show that takes the cake for complete scenes is when he presented the first 30 minutes worth of DO RE MI. I mean the actual first half hour of the show on his stage. Phil Silvers, Nancy Walker and the complete cast that were involved in the first half hour. We are treated to, not only all the dialog, sets and costumes, but the songs-WAITING WAITING; ALL YOU NEED IS A QUARTER; TAKE A JOB; and IT'S LEGITIMATE. What an amazing treat!

Other shows of Ed's that featured complete scenes & songs were:

BYE BYE BIRDIE-from 1960, the complete scene leading up to the HYMN FOR A SUNDAY EVENING with Paul Lynde, Susan Watson, and the complete cast for the song-with all the dialog. From another show that year, Dick Van Dyke comes out with two of the girls to perform the complete PUT ON A HAPPY FACE song. That same show had Chita Rivera on performing SPANISH ROSE.

FLOWER DRUM SONG featured 5-count 'em 5! complete songs with all the music and with the original cast. Miyoshi Umeki (whose name Ed has trouble with) introduces the entire cast and sings A HUNDRED MILLION MIRACLES. Juanita Hall & Ed Kenny are in YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. The amazing Pat Suzuki doing I ENJOY BEING A GIRL is enough for me, but not before Arabelle Hong sings the torching LOVE, LOOK AWAY. If this is not enough, Larry Blyden and Pat Suzuki perform the entire SUDAY, SWEET SUNDAY complete with the dance interlude.

THE MOST HAPPY FELLA from 1956 with Robert Weede, Jo Sullivan, and the cast perform in full costumes and sets HAPPY TO MAKE YOUR AQUAINTANCE. Then, are you ready, the complete BIG D.

CARNIVAL from 1961 really took my heart away as I saw the show when I was 11. Anna Maria Alberghetti and the roustabouts do the entire MY HEART'S TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING. Jerry Orbach then sings one of my favorite songs, HER FACE-with an entire verse not on the record.

A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN with Johnny Johnston narrating and Marcia Van Dyke singing MAKE THE MAN LOVE ME.

THE GAY LIFE with Barbara Cook singing MAGIC MOMENTS. Then a full scene with the cast singing COME A WANDERING WITH ME.

YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLY BROWN -the complete cast perform scenes including HAPPINESS IS.

FANNY from 1955 gives us 20 minutes worth. Josh Logan introduces the segment for us and we have Jack Washburn & Walter Slezak. We're treated to 5 songs with full sets & costumes.

There's so much more-this is just a small sampling-songs and scenes from PLAIN & FANCY; ANKLES AWAY; HENRY, SWEET HENRY; HAZEL FLAGG; DESTRY RIDES AGAIN; CAMELOT; LITTLE ME; 1776; PURLIE; HAIR; HELLO, DOLLY; DONNYBROOK; CABARET; a neat little number from 1956-Carol Haney & Bob Fosse perform I LOVE A PIANO; Shirley Booth in a scene from LOOK TO THE LILLIES. There was also a full show called A TRIBUTE TO LERNER & LOEWE which not only had Alan Jay & Fritz but Julie Andrews, Richard Burton & Robert Goulet.

Let's just hope that someone will release these golden age clips.