Everybody has a fantasy. Most people have more than one. The problem is most people keep their fantasies a fantasy and others bring them to life.I've had several fantasies in my life. Since I was about 10, I wanted to write the score for a Broadway musical. So far, the closest I got was an off Broadway musical, FIVE AFTER EIGHT. I also wanted to put out an album of my own songs and make it somewhat autobiographical and somewhat fantasy at the same time. That album is called, WHOSE FANTASY IS THIS? and I produced and recorded this in 1985 at my home studio, MIDNIGHT MODULATION. I put the album on my own label, WILDLIFE RECORDS.

Since I live near Woodstock, NY, I got some of the best musicians to help me with it- John Sebastian, Ralph Carney (Tom Wait's sax player), Vinny Martucci (Digital- Dolphins), Leslie Ritter & Amy Fradon, Eric Parker (Joe Cocker's drummer), and many others.

I pressed 1,000 albums on virgin audiophile vinyl-yes, vinyl. In 1985, vinyl was still king and cds were just making a small impression. The warmth of vinyl won me out and the fact that I could put the photos on a huge 12" jacket & sleeve was alot more appealing than the tiny CD jackets. I'm selling the remaining copies of WHOSE FANTASY IS THIS? for a mere$10pp - each one is numbered and, if you like, signed. If you own a turntable, this may just be the last record you'll ever buy.

Full lyrics for all the songs are included on the sleeve. There will be a cd available early next year for $10.

The music, what can I say, is very eclectic - sort of theatrical pop./rock. The women-GINGER, THERESA FROM CLUB MED, LISA'S EYES, MONICA and the others, are all real. I pour my heart out on this album- and I think it shows.

A cassette version is also available (it's less dynamic) for $10pp. It is, like the album, an audiophile tape. It cost more to make.

Simply put, I pour my heart out on this album.


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