(the BEATLE amp)

We are now recording 24 bit onto Logic 8

Duende - SSL Console Processing available for mixing

Based on the digital technology behind SSL’s C-Series consoles, Duende delivers the complete SSL mix experience – powerful channel and dynamics processing and the legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor. The easiest way to get professional mixes that sound like a record.

Duende - Mix your music on an SSL

Additional equipment available:

UREI 1178 Stereo Compressor (Classic sound of the 1176 in a stereo unit)
Gates Sta-Level variable MU tube Compressor
ADM/API style Mic Preamps (4) (great for punchy drums)
Sytek MPX-4A Mic Preamps (4) (2 super clean/transparent channels, 2 with Burr Brown OP Amps for a silky tube Sound)

Logic STUDIO 8 can work with all hard drive formats including Pro-Tools.

We are also now using the WAVES NATIVE GOLD plug-ins

WE HAVE THE EAST WEST GOLD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-The most realistic orchestral samples out there. The only one recorded in a symphony hall and recorded from a distance-not close up front (like the others) producing a realistic and true sample.

    New Services offered by Midnight Mod

Video Transfers to DVD-
Transfer your VHS videos to DVD for superior quality
Transfer your LPs to CD

Here are some pictures from some recent sessions

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New Songwriters Production Service

Did you know that our engineers have recorded albums by Nora Jones (her Grammy winning album), Joni Mitchell, Ricki Lee Jones, Graham Parker, the B 52s, 10,000 Maniacs, Dave Matthews band, NRBQ, John Sebastian, Jean Redpath, Priscilla Herdman, Tony Levin, and so many more. You could have your album engineered by one of these engineers.

For just a list of albums produced and engineered by Michael Bitterman, go here


Pal Shazar recently in with Jules Shear producing. Recording and mixing a new song for new CD release. Willie Wells enginnered.

Stephen Thomas recently in recording his new album, 'Saints & Sinners'. Will Wells engineered & mixed.

Tom Pacheco recorded severral tracks from his new album, BLOODLINES, at Midnight Mod with Michael Bitterman engineering.


John Holt & Generous Thief have recorded their debut album, NO REST, with Ian Charles producing and Michael Bitterman Engineering.

 Denise  Jordan Finley is back in the studo after 15 years. She is preparing to record her new album. Michael Bitterman will be engineering.

 Richard McGraw was just in recording some new songs.

Annette Peacock will be doing some recording for future release.

Michael Bitterman has recorded the score to his new musical,    FORLORN HOPE-The Donner Party musical

Anna Cheek has recorded her debut album of her songs. Michael Bitterman handled production. Musicians have included Manuel Quintana, Cookie Rodriguez, Nick Parker, Frank Campbell  and Carl Adami.  Guest musicians have been Tony Levin,  Jimmy Weider, Brian Melick, Abby Newton & Robby Dupree. The album was Engineered by Michael Bitterman & Rob Frazza and mixed and mastered by Rob Frazza.

Michael Schacker has just produced a concept CD of his new musical on BLAKE.

Sara Carmody debut CD, Soul Reflections, has just been released.
It was produced by Joshua Pearl and engineered by Michael Bitterman, Ian Turner & Brandon Mason.

A very special session of the first songs written by His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje performed by famed Indian musician Pemba assisted by Tom Schmidt and Karl Berger.

Joshua Pearl also recorded a solo album with Julie Last engineering.

Singer/Songwriter James Durst was recently in doing some overdubs on a new album.

Pepe and Molly and their band have recorded their CD live to 2 with the great Dave Cook at the boards. You can reach Dave at Alexander 4444.

Graham Parker is in recording 25 new songs. Graham is not only playing and singing but playing all the parts as well. Graham is also recording songs for a Charly Patton tribute album as well as a song for a Pink Floyd tribute album.

Denise Jordan Finley is putting together a debut CD based on her COMPANY WIFE album from 1987 and other recent material.



We can now offer a great service everyone has been asking for:
We can transfer your LPs or casstettes to CD.

New Mics include the fabulous Blue Baby Bottle and a matched stereo pair of Oktava cardiods. Our other fabulous mics include Neumann 87s, AKG 414,  Crown PZMs, EV RE20, Sennheiser 421s, Shure 81s. amd ,many more.

We have the AVALON 737SP MicPre/Compressor/E Q which will make your v ocals and instruments sound better than ever thanks to it's warm tubes.

We have just added the MOTU 2408 allowing us to put your ADAT tracks on the computer for complete editing control via LOGIC and CUBASE. We can also record your project directly to hard drive.

Our new Kurzweil 2000VP keyboard is chock full of
incredible sounds and samples including the fabulous
Orchestral card with some of the best orchestral sounds

Always serving Cocoanut Coffee and Felicia's famous coffee cake.