A Brief History...

I started WILDLIFE RECORDS in 1985 with Ivan Wong - a graphic designer from New York who created the WILDLIFE logo. It was to be a strictly non-commercial label for artists to do what they wish without being concerned with a hit song. In Woodstock, NY there are literally hundreds of excellent writers and musicians and I wanted to record them. In 1975 I produced and recorded the WOODSTOCK-MOODS & MOMENTS album featuring local musicians. I pressed 1,000 copies and put it out on my own label, PRISM. Since then, the record has become a collectors item selling for as much as $50. I have 100 copies left which I'm selling for $10pp. ESP-DISC has repressed the album to CD and it has been selling very well in Europe.
WHOSE FANTASY IS THIS? is the first record I put on WILDLIFE.

A number of other artists who have been recording in my studio released records on WILDLIFE. In 1986 I produced A WOODSTOCK SAMPLER - which was basically volume II of MOODS & MOMENTS. In 1988 I produced & released A WILDLIFE SAMPLER with even more artists showing their stuff in an extremly eclectic way.

One of the most exciting things to come out on WILDLIFE is a trilogy series of tapes by Mark Ferraro - a drummer/hair dresser from Kingston, NY. They are CORN OFF THE COB, TWANG, and BUSTER. It's sort of hard to explain the music but maybe Perry Como meets Frank Zappa would best describe it. Taking old standards and redoing them - a bit twisted. These tapes, like everything else on WILDLIFE, is available - just email. You'll never find WILDLIFE records in your local store - or in any store. Only on this web page is where you'll find the most eclectic selection of non-commercial music. WILDLIFE is people living the Wildlife.

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